studio crit corpus

Genre Titre Date
OBJ House of cards 1952
EVE A Rough Sketch for a Sample Lesson for a Hypothetical Course 1953
FLM A Communications Primer 1953
FLM S-73 1954
FLM The Information Machine: Creative Man and the Data Processor 1958
FLM Glimpses of the USA 1959
FLM Introduction to Feedback 1960
EXP Mathematica: A World of Numbers… and Beyond 1961
FLM Mathematica Peepshow 1961
FLM House of Science 1962
FLM Think 1964
OBJ Timeline – Men of Modern Mathematics 1966
OBJ Timeline – A Pictorial History of Herman Miller, Inc. 1967
EXP Photography and the City: The Evolution of an Art and a Science 1968
FLM A Computer Glossary 1968
FLM Babbage’s Calculating Machine or Difference Engine 1968
FLM Powers of Ten… v1 1968
EXP What is Design 1969
FLM Image of the City 1969
EXP A Computer Perspective 1971
FLM Computer Landscape 1971
EXP Copernicus 1972
FLM Alpha 1972
FLM Design Q&A 1972
EXP Movable Feasts and Changing Calendars 1973
EXP On the Shoulders of Giants 1973
FLM Exponents: A Study in Generalization 1973
FLM Two Laws of Algebra: Distributive and Associative 1973
LIV A Computer Perspective 1973
FLM Newton’s Method 1974
FLM Kepler’s Laws 1974
FLM Atlas: A Sketch of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire 1976
FLM Powers of Ten… v2 1977
FLM Art Game 1978
OBJ German Mathematica Timeline 1978
FLM Railroad, Townscape, Seascape, Road Race 1953
EVE Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 1970